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When it comes to a wedding budget breakdown, the cost of a wedding photographer can be substantial. Many couples face “sticker shock” when they get the quote. Wedding photographers can charge from a few thousand dollars up to $20,000 or more for the services of a famous or prestigious photographer.

If you’re planning a wedding on a budget or a DIY wedding, there are ways to capture amazing wedding photos without the heavy cost, and if you are looking for one, SvenStudios would be your best bet for a wedding photographer in Canberra. But first, the following is an overview of why wedding pictures can be so expensive, along with some wedding ideas for taking photos for a wedding on a budget:

1. Photographer Training and Education

Many photographers undergo years of training to gain the skills required to succeed in the field. They may take classes or complete a two or four-year degree in photography. Some continue their education by taking classes and seminars to supplement their skills and knowledge. They may undergo an apprenticeship with a mentor who is established in the field before going pro.

While there is value in training and education, couples planning a wedding on a budget can do a great job on their own wedding pictures with some planning and practice. Ask a trusted friend or family member to take the photos for you and do a practice session before the wedding. Take the time to research all the elements of successful wedding photography and wedding ideas, and you can make your DIY wedding on a budget both manageable and successful.

2. Experience

Many professional photographers have thousands of hours of shooting time under their belt. They may have taken tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of photos. This time and experience in the field allow them to learn the finer points of photography and get quite efficient at zeroing in on what works. Factors like lighting, camera settings, lens choices, composition and other artistic considerations come naturally to them. Because of all the time and money, they’ve invested in this training and experience, many photographers feel justified in charging high prices for their services.

Again, doing your homework and knowing what you want can help you to create your own budget-friendly photography solution. Enlist the help of a photo-savvy friend or family member. Clearly define your goals and expectations for the shoot and research how to achieve them. Photo editing software can allow you to edit and refine your photos for excellent results, so be sure to hire the best Wedding Photographer Central Coast has on offer to find an affordable a good option for you.

3. Equipment Costs

Professional photographers invest in top of the line equipment for their businesses. Cameras, lenses, memory cards, batteries, lighting, computer software, tripods, filters, soft boxes, backdrops, and reflectors can all add up in cost. Some photographers even have two sets of equipment or at least a second camera and flash just in case one of them malfunctions.

However, you can keep your wedding on a budget and get great results even with basic equipment. If you have a solid camera that performs well, adequate memory and plenty of batteries, you have the basic tools required for taking excellent wedding photos. From there, user-friendly photo editing software can help you to refine your wedding pictures so that they look professional.

4. Other Business Expenses

Being a professional photographer requires more than just a camera and accessories. A photography business requires a studio, an office, insurance, a business license and basic business supplies. Additional supplies and equipment might include a computer, software, printer, paper, furnishings, props and outfits to keep on hand for clients. Expenses like website creation and hosting, employees, accounting, phone service, utilities, advertising, and marketing can all add substantially to the costs of running a business. All of these required expenses justify the photographer in charging for their services.

The goods news for those looking to do a DIY wedding is that you don’t have to set up an entire business to photograph your own wedding. You just have to have the basics and a moderate amount of knowledge to ensure you get wedding photo results you’ll love.

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So excited to finally post Jenny and Joe’s wedding after a long trip up in the Northwest, Jenny wore the prettiest dress from Fleur De Lys Bridal! These two first came to my studio as clients, but I am honored to call them friends now. We had such a great time on their wedding day, and I’ll admit even I got a little choked up seeing the looks on their faces as Jenny walked down the aisle in the perfect location they select like a barn saloon which is perfect for this, check out and book the reception barn for your wedding too. The love they have for each other is so strong and it shows whenever they are near each other. And I really can’t wait to hang with these two on Trojan game days! A big thanks to my partner in crime, Michael Rueter, for helping me out on their wedding! By the way, if you also need help with your wedding regarding choosing the right venue, look for TC Weddings.

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I’m going to be in Seattle for a couple weeks but I just had to get this awesome preview up from Jenny and Joe’s wedding in San Dimas!

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