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Just a sneak preview from the SoCal Photog Shootout in San Juan Capistrano. So much more to come from this amazing shoot…

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

My new blog is here!! Now when you check my updates, you’ll see much bigger photos and even a few slideshows here and there, where you’ll be able to view photos in full screen mode! I’m really excited about it…

Also, now my blog has it’s own web address,, so be sure to update your bookmarks, subscriptions, and any other links you may have to my blog.

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Now I can’t post without leaving a pretty picture…

Idaho Wedding Photographer

My job is rough. Hanging out with a cool couple, a beautiful ceremony at a hilltop park in Newport Coast, and cruising around in a stretched out Escalade. I mean, really, how much suffering can a guy go through?

I knew photographing this wedding was gonna be fun. If you remember Jennifer and Mario, they were the couple that decided to make a last second location change for their engagement photos…and we ended up in Vegas. So needless to say I was pretty excited to photograph their wedding in Newport Coast, just south of Newport Beach. Although I did spend a better part of the day before checking my phone, just in case they decided to fly to Mexico or something for their ceremony. No call! So I woke up the next morning, put my passport back in my dresser, and headed to Jennifer and Mario’s house in La Verne to meet the girls as they got ready for the big day.

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Lots more to come from Jennifer and Mario’s wedding in Newport Coast, but for now…

Newport Beach Wedding Photographer

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