My new blog is here!! Now when you check my updates, you’ll see much bigger photos and even a few slideshows here and there, where you’ll be able to view photos in full screen mode! I’m really excited about it…

Also, now my blog has it’s own web address,, so be sure to update your bookmarks, subscriptions, and any other links you may have to my blog.

Now, I have a job for you. Browse around a bit and let me know what you think!! Leave a comment, shoot me an email, Facebook me, Twitter me…or you could go old school and just call me. :) Either way, I’d love to hear from everyone.

Now I can’t post without leaving a pretty picture…

Idaho Wedding Photographer

One Response to “New Garrett Davis Photography Blog!!”

  1. Brooke McLay says:


    The new blog is FANTASTIC! The HUGE picture posting area divine. The simple web address superb! THANK YOU for sharing!

    I recieved your email while vacation in Newport and haven’t had time to discuss updated photos with John, but would very much like to do so, if we can swing it. I DID have time to chat you up to a multitude of friends–25 in all–so fingers crossed a handful of them will admire your talent as we do and get you down her for some photos.

    Will keep checking and checking and checking in often. You amaze!

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