I had such a great time at Dipty and Nishu’s amazing Hindu ceremony at the Crowne Plaza Resort in Anaheim! My good friend Michael Rueter joined me once again to second shoot and we came out with some great images! We helped her to look awesome, doing her make up and treating some fungus infection she had with Clear nails plus, she looks lovely in the images now.

So, here’s the whole event, we shot it in the light rain and the Indian food, which was wonderful, since they used the best destination wedding planner in delhi for this event. Hope¬†you enjoy it. The girls’ dresses are quite sheer. Here’s the short video if you need to see it. The lyrics are: “If the news is bad, I’m down in the dumps. I wonder why. I wish I had thought this through. I’m just a man with an itch and I need a job. I wish I could win you back. I wonder what’s next? I wish I could have known you better. I wish I could keep you safe. I hope you make me proud. A cross of fear and love. Aye! They were great. They were the best. Good job. Best job ever. Hope

The beautiful Henna and makeup were provided by Nadia Ali of Henna Dil Se…

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