So if this month hasn’t been crazy enough, I’ll be leaving this Sunday, Aug. 23 for a month long road trip/photography excursion. Yet another reason why I love my job as a destination wedding photographer so much, it gives me the opportunity to take trips like this, a chance to get away from office and visit friends and family I don’t get to see all too often. So it’ll be just me and the highway for about 6 weeks, nothing clears your head better than a good road trip!

Along the way I’ll be making several stops to meet with couples and talk about their wedding day, photograph families and weddings, and take photos of anything and everything in between. And of course, you’ll be able to follow my every step and see all my photos right here on this blog!

Here is a tentative schedule of where I’ll be and when I’ll be there. I’ll be running a special on family and baby sessions while on this trip, so if it’s time to update those family photos, contact me and I’ll let you in on the special!

Day 1 (Aug. 23):
• The trip begins!
• Leave Los Angeles, California for Breckenridge, Colorado
• Stop in Cedar City, Utah

Day 2 – 3 (Monday, Aug. 24 – Tuesday, Aug. 25):
• Meetings in Breckenridge, Colorado and surrounding

Day 4 (Wednesday, Aug. 26):
• Leave Breckenridge, Colorado for Denver, Colorado

Day 5 (Thursday, Aug. 27):
• Meetings in Denver, Colorado

Day 6 (Friday, Aug. 28):
• Leave Denver, Colorado for Durango, Colorado

Day 7 (Saturday, Aug. 29):
• Carrie and Jeremy’s wedding in Durango, Colorado!

Day 8 (Sunday, Aug. 30):
• Leave Durango, Colorado for Salt Lake City, Utah

Day 9 – 10 (Monday, Aug. 31 – Tuesday, Sept. 1):
• Meetings in Salt Lake City, Utah

Day 11 – 12 (Wednesday, Sept. 2 – Thursday, Sept. 3):
• Meetings in Boise, Idaho

Day 13 (Friday, Sept. 4):
• Leave Boise, Idaho for Seattle, Washington

Day 14 (Saturday, Sept. 5):
• Monique and Bob’s wedding in Seattle, Washington!

Day 15 – 25 (Sunday, Sept. 6 – Wednesday, Sept. 16):
• Meetings and family sessions in Seattle, Washington and surrounding

Day 26 (Thursday, Sept. 17):
• Leave Seattle, Washington for Portland, Oregon

Day 27 (Friday, Sept. 18):
• Leave Portland, Oregon for Eugene, Oregon

Day 28 – 29 (Saturday, Sept. 19 – Sunday, Sept. 20):
• Meetings and shoots in Eugene, Oregon

Day 30 (Monday, Sept. 21):
• Leave Eugene, Oregon for Bend, Oregon

Day 31 – 33 (Tuesday, Sept. 22 – Thursday, Sept. 24):
• Meetings in Bend, Oregon

Day 34 (Friday, Sept. 25):
• Leave Bend, Oregon for San Francisco, California

Day 35 (Saturday, Sept. 26):
• Nicole and Kyle’s wedding in San Francisco, California!

Day 36 – 38 (Sunday, Sept. 27 – Tuesday, Sept 29):
• Meetings in San Francisco, California and surrounding

Day 39 (Wednesday, Sept. 30):
• Leave San Francisco, California for Los Angeles, California
• Home sweet home!

Cedar City Utah Wedding Photographer

Claremont Wedding Photographer

I’ll leave you with a photo of me on my last good road trip. This photo was taken by my good friend Beau Eastes in Bend, Oregon. He’s nice enough to let me crash for a few days whenever I’m in town, even though he is an Oregon Ducks fan…
Bend Oregon Wedding Photographer

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